October is the best time of year for Sports Fans

You’ll often hear folks chatter about the best time of year for sports. One month can mean so much to a sports fan and If you are a fan of every sport, well, then there are always those special months you look forward to.

And you know what I’m talking about. No matter what a fan’s favorite sport is, he or she always counts down the days until it’s his or her favorite month of the year. However, when you are a sports fan there is something astonishing about the leaves changing colors.

I am sure there are hundreds of articles why fall is the best season. However, when it comes to being an avid sports fan, Fall is the best days of our lives. October is the most exciting month for every single sports fan. There is no question about that if you want to say otherwise, you are talking to the wrong man. It is the peak of our crazy sport minds.

In the midst of the pumpkin spice, the flannels, and the orange leaves we get to see some prime time sports action. What makes it so great? Well, we get the peak of the NFL season, the start of the MLB post-season, the start of the NBA season, the start of the NHL season, and the midst of soccer season. All 5 major sports. Sport bars are jumping everywhere. There’s nothing quite like October.

As someone who has watched sports and has had numerous conversations with avid sports fans, it seems like almost everyone has the same idea. October has more major sports that are in-season during that month than any other. It beats out any other time of the year! The thing that makes it so special is October appeals to everyone.

Temptations to think about other forms of entertainment are quickly dismissed. October is simply non-stop entertainment. October may be the highlight of the year for those who love cooler temperatures, changing colors of leaves or trick or treating. But, to the moms, wives, and girlfriends, us boys got other plans.

December 6, 2017

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