Should College Athletes Get Paid?

Over the years, the debate over if college athletes should be paid has only risen. Many people around the sports world have discussed the pros and cons of if the right thing to do is to pay our student-athletes.

At this point in time, there is no hiding from the discussion. The topic is one of the most controversial topics in all of sports. The ongoing debate has all left us still asking the same question. When is this debate going to end and what in the world is going to stop it? Well, everyone has a different answer.

Collegiate athletics profits have risen consistently each year for a while now. In a world that is so star heavy, the stars of the college world are almost just as well known if not more so than our professional athletes. Nowadays, even the professional athletes are glued to the TV to watch the likes of Saquon Barkley, Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield and many more. 

As a student-athlete seeing your name/number in video games, jerseys, or on tv is electrifying. However, if your name is making money, you are left wondering why are you not? Well, there is a simple answer to the never ending question. College athletes should definitely not be paid.

On August 8th, of 2014 a law was passed that prohibited athletes from being paid by the use of their name and image. This was a groundbreaking rule for the whole college world and shocked all student-athletes. 

People were stunned and angry, However, this was the best thing the NCAA could have done. All though its understood the model that athletes believe their play is the reason for the school’s profit, it is not fair to the other athletes who maybe don’t get broadcasted as well due to the fact that they are not at a school such as Alabama, Kentucky, Duke and other major tier schools.

The profit generated by these athletes is outstanding. Everyone must applaud all the work they do and time they put in to succeed on and off of their field of play. However, If these student-athletes were being paid, there would be a lot of people not happy. Just because they have a talent doesn’t make them be bigger or better than anyone else and they should not be treated that way.

I have nothing but respect for the athletes that put in their blood, sweat, and tears to the game. It is great to see. Still, if an athlete at that young age who is not even legally allowed to drink, thinks he/she should be getting a big paycheck they are thinking wrong.

The money will eventually come. Many people believe college athletes should be paid because injuries can derail a player of one day receiving the beautiful paycheck they’ve always dreamed of.

However, students are not professionals and should not get treated as such until they get there. That payday must be earned every step of the way. In the worst case an injury can ruin a career, which is why it is always important that the education comes first and these athletes cannot lose sight of that.

College sports are for the love of the game. The passion that gets displayed each and every time out is the main reason why we do not want to see these players get paid. The love and passion that is displayed every time a player steps up to play their respective sport is the reason these athletes play the game. In the end, it is not about the money and one day many people will understand that.

The question remains if this will ever die down. The college world would be changed forever and I hope it is something that eventually gets shut down. Soon enough, many pro players will realize its more than a game, it is more than the money. The greatness of college athletes lives in their play. It will all go away if we start throwing them money. For the love of the game, no pay.

December 6, 2017

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