How can we fix the NCAA?

Over the years, we have seen various premier colleges take advantage of the NCAA, which has triggered a domino effect all across the nation. The past few years, across the country, investigations have been seemingly everywhere having to do with NCAA’s policies. 

In an age when college sports is dissolving into a backwash of lies, cheating and other horrid scandals, the young men, and women who hoped to one day be the stars of the sports world say they want no part of it. An immense amount of scandals in the recent years have made the corruption of college sports constant front-page news which is not helping the future.

The next generation of college athletes is at a halt. The future of college athletics is trending into a downward spiral. College sports are deeply inscribed in the culture of our nation and we need to do something to fix what looks like could be the downfall. So many people have been pondering what is the best way to go about this? Is it the kids that need to change or the NCAA itself?

In order to truly begin cleansing college sports, one step the NCAA can take is to revive the death penalty in all sports. The death penalty is the NCAA’s ultimate sanction: shutting down a program for at least an entire season. No more games. No more fun. The worst of the worst.

So why is this the call for action? Well even though it sounds harsh, with the acts that have come across the past few years something has to be done. A tone must be set in order to change the perception of the NCAA. The NCAA has to make a stand.

In order to do so, someone is going to have to pay a hefty price in order to regain control. The most recent time the death penalty was in use was when SMU’s football program received it in 1986. They received it because while already being on probation, for having major recruiting violations, the Mustangs were found to be paying players through an elaborate booster.

The death penalty devastates not only programs but the student-athletes as well. It is something that should be put to use when setting an example or for any major violation. I think in recent cases the investigation that is ongoing for Louisville should result in the penalty. Many people have been asking why so many teams and players have been going behind the back of the NCAA just as many from Louisville did. But also why have these past years been so disastrous? There is really only one reason.

The NCAA hasn’t struck fear into anyone since 1986. Programs and athletes are not scared of the NCAA. Multiple players have come out of college in the past few years and in every sport, someone has had something to say. Just recently, NBA rookie Ben Simmons, said “The NCAA is really f—ed up,” while also calling it a “dirty business”. The respect that current and alumni players have for the association is absurd.

If people are not respecting the business, things will only continue to get worse. By bringing back the death penalty, we will see many teams following the rules perfectly rules which can put a halt to the domino effect. There are many steps we can look to take, but a big slam like the death penalty will start to get peoples attention.

The NCAA needs to take a hard look into this. Many big-time fans and families have been said to lose so much interest. However, it is not impossible to get the once large fanbase back. In order to strike fear, a new standard MUST be set. The NCAA has a bright future if it can get itself on the right track. With various athletes displaying talent levels, we have never seen before the NCAA can get itself right back and increase ratings like never before. The time is now for the NCAA to get back on track.

December 5, 2017

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