Corbin Loses His Title Opportunity

Last night on Smackdown Live the WWE universe was in shock when “Mr. Money in The Bank” Baron Corbin cashed in his money in the bank brief case. Corbin interrupted the match between WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and John Cena. Corbin waited for Cena to give Mahal a super AA off of the top rope to make his move.

Corbin then interrupted the match and attacked Cena, who will be his opponent at Summer Slam this Sunday. Corbin walked away from what he had done to Cena but then stopped half way up the ramp and turned around to cash in his Money in the Bank brief case, as he attempted to become the WWE Champion.

Corbin then waited as the ref made sure Mahal was able to fight, which is not the way that kind of opportunity works. As soon as Mahal stood up Corbin turned around to attack Cena, who was making his way back into the ring to retaliate against Corbin for ruining his title shot.

Corbin would then knock Cena off of the ring by throwing a strong punch. While this was going on Mahal had an open opportunity at pinning Corbin. Mahal ended up sneaking behind Corbin and pinning him to retain his WWE Championship. Corbin did lose his title shot, and as of now will not get another one for a while as “The artist” Shinsuke Nakamura will take on Jinder Mahal at Summer Slam.

August 17, 2017

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