Golden State vs Cleveland Round 3 is Bad for Basketball

In a week or less round three will happen between the two super teams in the NBA will face-off for the third consecutive season. This championship will decide which team “wins the era”. It is going to be an exciting two weeks for the game of basketball. However, with almost a 100% certainty that these two teams were going to face each other AGAIN it is just boring.

I understand that it draws attention to the sport and that series will probably break the NBA record for viewers so it will seem as if the trilogy is great for the sports popularity. However, it makes the 82 game regular season and the three rounds of playoff basketball pointless. Since day one of the season there was no doubt that the Lebron led Cavs would meet the Curry/Durant led Warriors in the championship.

What is the fun in that? There is a reason that in America the two most watched sports are football and baseball. There are statistic to back that up if you disagree. You really don’t know who is going to be in the World Series or the Super Bowl, yes you know there are a few teams that are basically a lock to make the playoffs, but how far they will go who knows.

Just two seasons ago the Mets somehow made it to the World Series just one season after going 79-83 AND upsetting both the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago Cubs to make it to the World Series for the first time in 15 years. Of course there are perennial winners like the New England Patriots who always make the playoffs and the St. Louis Cardinals, but they don’t always go all the way.

How exciting can it be for people that are not fans of the NBA in general but one team that they watch on a regular basis. They know that unless Lebron goes to their team or 3-4 superstars team up in their city all championship hopes have vanished.

There are no surprises when there are two super teams even with a few really good teams in the league like the Spurs, Wizards, Rockets, Thunder, and Celtics there is no doubt who is going all the way. Yea in 10-15 years people will look back and say wow those championships were awesome, but that is a maximum of seven games that you were like wow. How about the regular season where teams openly tank to get young studs in the draft, how cool is that?

If there were teams that could beat the Warriors or Cavs two or three times then there would be no issue. If everyone and their mother did not just want to automatically sign with Lebron or the Warriors this wouldn’t be bad for basketball. There needs to be more legitimate competition, take notes from the two most popular sports in America, they are doing alright.

May 25, 2017

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