Jericho is Coming to Smackdown Live!

The new United States Champion, Chris Jericho is coming to Smackdown Live! on Tuesday nights. After he defeated Kevin Owens at Payback last night he officially moved to the Smackdown brand. This is Jericho’s second time as the U.S. Champion after he lost it to his former best friend, Kevin Owens, at WrestleMania 33. Jericho and Owens have been the talk of WWE after their great friendship turned into a bitter rivalry.

Since the breakup, Owens and Jericho have been in giant feud with each other. Owens attacked Jericho at the festival of friendship in Las Vegas, Nevada on Monday Night Raw a few months ago, which Jericho did not see coming. Now that Jericho won last night at Payback, he will be joining the Smackdown Live! roster with high hopes. The only problem is, Jericho is set to go on tour with his band, Fozzy soon.

With Jericho now on Smackdown, I think this will cause the feud to be carried on between him and Owens. I think Jericho will have some problems with A.J. Styles who take the U.S. Championship from Jericho and begin his reign as U.S. Champion at the next PPV on May 21st. The other person who could be the next contender for Jericho’s newly acquired title could be Sami Zayn, who has not won a championship yet but is a huge fan favorite.

Only time will tell but one thing is for sure the U.S. Championship may be moving around quite a bit in the coming months. The one thing we don’t know is who will be the one to take it from Jericho before he goes on a hiatus from the WWE

May 1, 2017

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