This Week’s Big Story in the WWE

Finn Balor, the first ever WWE Universal Champion made a shocking return to Monday Night Raw last night. Balor was out for approximately 6 months due to a devastating shoulder injury, which he suffered at Summer Slam. Baylor, at the time was in a feud with “The Architect” Seth Rollins. He defeated Rollins at Summer Slam to become the first ever WWE Universal Champion. “The Demon King” Finn Balor, has been and exciting wrestler to watch ever since he joined the WWE Universe

Balor is a world-wide phenomenon with his outstanding moves and entertaining entrances. He has been impressive so far with what the fans have seen since he’s been in the WWE. Balor before the WWE wrestled in England as a young man in his 20’s. Before Balor became a wrestler, he was a janitor for the company in England as an 18 year old until he was discovered by the owner of that company due to his look and how strong he was.

Balor then became a wrestler later earning a championship in England before moving over to Japan Pro Wrestling. Japan Pro Wrestling is where the famous “The Balor Club” originated. Balor was a champion there as well and then WWE approached him wanting him to become the next superstar of NXT.

On the NXT brand he became a fan favorite with his deadly finisher “Coup de Grace”, which is a double foot stomp to the chest off the top rope. Having Balor back finally, will help Monday Night Raw’s success and the Demon King will have his shot at some point for his Universal Championship.

April 4, 2017

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