Athletes and the domestic violence issue

Domestic Violence is a serious problem in our world today. In the world of sports, it is becoming an even bigger problem. Professional athletes spend their time hitting, throwing or even tackling. They go after their opponents like animals. This type of method of “attacking” their opponent, lives with them and to some when things get bad, they are so far into it they start attacking their loved ones.

Domestic violence in professional sports is one of the more popular topics of discussion around sports research.

Professional athletes spend countless hours working their bodies off to an extreme extent and at times, it becomes too much. Athletes have been abusing their loved ones for years but some recent allegations revolving around our star athletes like the names of Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and many other have sparked this controversial debate. As the years have gone on, the domestic violence issue has increased everywhere.

People all around the world have been trying to find ways to stop this massive outbreak. Awareness of professional sports leagues on how to properly handle their players and educate the newer athletes on domestic abuse is the best way to stop it. 

As we are all aware, our anger and frustration will follow us home from work. The pressure that these major athletes face with so many people watching and so many expectations on them, a dropped catch, a swing and a miss, or an error can lead to a much greater frustration while at home.

Recently, some sports leagues have made an increased effort in trying to prevent these causes. Leagues such as the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL have all cracked down on this topic. 

For example, all these leagues mandate that rookies attend a mandatory training before the season starts on domestic violence.  Every league has a different policy for domestic violence. However, the ones who need the biggest policy, in my opinion, is the NFL and NBA.

I believe that all professional athletes should be trained mentally and emotionally just as hard as they are trained physically. This may lead to us seeing fewer domestic violence cases come up with professional athletes being involved. Many players and teams have been stated that they are all working together to find the best possible solution to knocking this issue out of the park. 

Many commercials and advertisements all over the world are working hard to address this topic. There is no excuse for this, we must do anything and everything we can do to stop this around the world.  I do believe this world is about to change one way or another and with help all around the world and help from our pro sports leagues and players, we can and will put a stop to domestic violence.

December 8, 2017

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